We’re eager to work with church congregations throughout the City to connect Be Bold Take Charge’s efforts to improve health with residents in Reading’s Communities.

Hope Lutheran Church & Hope’s Table, under the leadership of the Reverend Mary E. Wolfe, is located at 601 North Front Street in Reading.  Pastor Mary brings parishioners together  READ MORE in a variety of service styles and settings.  We particularly appreciate the Tuesday evening supper and service, followed by conversations among community members about their sources of hope and personal challenges.   To carry out our Be Bold Take Charge mission, we need to hear those conversations.   We look forward to leading workshops about searching for and keeping employment, preparing for job interviews, preparing affordable, healthy snacks & meals, and more.  When the congregation gets its community garden under way, we want to be there doing some digging, planting, and watering.

Especially exciting, Pastor Mary, members of Hope Lutheran and the surrounding Community are planning the opening of Café Esperanza,  a One World Everybody Eats pay-what-you-can caféIt will be located just across Front Street, adjacent to the Church’s parking lot.  What an amazing place it will be for fellowship,  community conversation and nourishment.

Hope Lutheran and Pastor Mary, it will be great working side by side with you and your parishioners. www.jcishope.org