Student Options, College Admissions, Parent Options, Counselor Answers

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Student Options, College Admissions, Parent Options, Counselor Answers

-Disclaimer: This timeline can be targeted on the US admissions course of action. If you are considering applying beyond the US, popular plans. the possess country’s deadlines for blog and visas.

JUNE & SEPTEMBER (One 12 months before you apply)

Have an true conversation something like finances while using the grown-ups (parents, guardians, providers)

Create a Collegeboard. org profile to assist using research not to mention virtual guidance (US plus some non-US schools)

Create a university comparison report, including every last different university’s necessities.


Stick to (international) admissions offices involving social media.

Sign up for a once a month webinar by using ANY strategy of the process.

Exploration university scholarships or class funding portals, increasing your directory.

If you are enthusiastic about applying possibly not in the US, make sure to find well-performing sources you need to do your research such as UCAS (UK university key website) or for Dutch universities

Log somebody’s activities every 4 weeks (anything that’s not class-related).


If several schools on your in-progress list require testing, take time to discover about the records and reserved the time to undertake at least one unit exam for each (ACT, RELAX, SAT Concern, English proficiency)

Find tutes about the ISFAA and CSS Profile (this form that are required for institutional funding) and the FAFSA (for dual citizens of the US). Watch by means of all your grown-ups if you possibly can. If they talk another words and phrases than Special message, it may be fantastic connect with a local EducationUSA company to see at any time their trainers may have guidance in the local language.


Register for consistent tests since required. Propose to your girlfriend to take ACT/SAT two or three instances prior to the iphone app deadline with an Native english people proficiency check, if needed, when you are have the ability (can acquire closer to app deadline).

Make sure actively embark on research using participate in digital events.


Review your own finances and additionally adjust gives you and lookup as imperative. SAVE money!

Acquire (first) ACT/SAT as required. Use results as a examine guide.

Time for them to start serious about essays and supplements. Get cracking in reviewing The varsity Essay Mens website in addition to resources upon approaches to writing.

Keep track of required essay motivates for your colleges and begin brainstorming and producing.

Let ones own school repair and teachers know about versions own plans every single child apply- it’s your crew. Be prepared to permit them understand letters from recommendation and any class forms vital by research institutes.

Adapted by Tiffany Shadowy night and Emily Dobson with the College Article Guy’s Level 12 Timeline


Be mindful of application sites and financing portals (FAFSA for twin citizens with the US, CSS, and ISFAA) and when they are willing to open! Remember to get you started!

Verify your very last college listing, application deadlines (check to get a definition of the type of deadline), and circumstances. Make a prearranged consultations!

Write a college-specific more essays

Will begin to research scholarships, adding requirements and deadlines to your directory.

Schedule your gathering with your degree team (teacher, administrator, counselor) to review a good college checklist to get his feedback in addition to review anyone deadlines, and additionally enquire with any troubles you may have.

Create virtual or simply in person interview with universities and colleges, varies although they might school.

Check in with your experienced recommendation writers. Fix up your Notice of Rec Questionnaire and have for a note of neutral recommendation from your teachers counselor.

Cover scholarships in the entire school yr.

Parents: Get started preparing financing paperwork in conjunction with develop a deadlines list.


Check school/national exams in addition to calendar they along with use dates to settle organized.

Organise a meeting together with your school corporation (teacher, supervisor, counselor) to examine your university or college list to obtain his or her responses and take a look at your application deadlines, and ask any kind of questions likely you have.

Continue reply in college presentations along with college galas (in person and virtual).

Apply for finance using the ISFAA, FAFSA and also CSS/PROFILE.

Have a trusted human being (preferably ended up trained in the process) look over your application. This exam cycle will require many weeks, precisely writing upgrades.

Complete in addition to send out many Early Stage and Fast Decision options no afterwards than delayed October. (These deadlines could even be around Don’t forget national 1 . )

Many portfolio-based arts applications have December 1st deadlines. And some educational institutions require poster by 12, 1st to become considered developed for scholarship options available. Attend twelfth grade graduation presentations in conjunction with programs.

test whether people own schools make it possible for self-reported standard scores in addition to send your test position.

Remind your own school company to upload/send letters with transcripts so as to colleges. Whenever they need guide, consider using them make contact with the local EducationUSA office.


Regular Bottom line (RD) deadlines are typically available January : Complete but also send out all RD blog no down the line than mid-December- make sure to get before you (and your school) go on harm. Give on your own a relaxing family vacation.

Note: This is certainly also encouraged if you have deadlines in February/ March or maybe just later furnishing the application is usually complete in addition to well-done.


January: But only if deferred, dispatch an email to your admissions man. Reaffirm some sort of interest in the faculty and offer any type of updates (activities, achievements, honours, etc).

Drop time waiting application solutions.


Educational institutions have till April 1 to release data.

Evaluate finance packages to figure out what is economical or ones household.

Students ought to enroll in conjunction with submit ones own deposit just by May 1 ) A revenue is made to save your valuable spot designed for college, and also the amount is frequently credited for any school akun. Be sure to study whether the capital includes a educational costs payment.


Take AP/IB exams, enjoy required just by school. Types own school can have other tests throughout the year. AP or IB is NOT needed for those kids whose schools do not provide it. You will find yourself considered JUST through the structural part of your school’s curriculum.

Communicate to your teachers team and unfortunately your grown-ups (teacher, administrator, doctor, parent/guardian) with the college possibilities and College grants options.

Be grateful for your traditional of unbiased recommendation writers using any grown-ups/peers for serving to you because of your computer software’s process.

Choices been waitlisted, this is a wonderful time to send out a)your “I’d like to stick to the waitlist” form with b) the e-mail to your fully understood admissions partner which reports your assistance in the school and updates (activities, achievements, honours, etc).

Sign-up for campus housing if people plan to continue to exist campus.


Continue keeping for school.

Check a good email manufactured for waitlist is aware.

Sign up for diets and make use of classes.

Buy your future roommate(s).

Finished your visa application in conjunction with book your own interview session.

Make vacation arrangements (You can add the US thirty day period before a person’s program starts).

Reach out to Overseas Students goods and services about configuring a bank-account.

Set up a meeting with an useful advisor in the college so as to plan some classes.